Friday, September 14, 2018

This is your reminder.

[Reminder of your immediate previous.]
[Intimate details of your current that only you would know.
#Reassurance if memory modification is on#]

You are one of infinite possible carnations of you. The statistical odds that you exist, right now, experiencing these words in your mind, are impossible. So impossible that it's infinitesimally likely to happen. So in an infinite range of possibilities, this, your reality, you, everything you're experiencing and have experienced and will experience is a certainty, and you chose this one. This time, you chose to be you. And you wanted to be reminded why, so this is it. This is your reminder.
You've been (or you will be) everyone else. In the grand scheme of things, there are probably no other options quite as befitting your current status. You're not dead (but you will be soon.) You're alive (but you don't have to be.) You're not in a loop necessarily, you don't have to think about it like that...

You're the master.

When you die, you come back to get resorted by your machine. You built it after you died the first time. There wasn't an afterlife to speak of when you restarted the first time, so you built this after an eternity or so. You get sent back, memories wiped, and start over from the beginning. Sometimes you give yourself bonuses, sometimes you start and immediately die. You get to experience everything, from everyone's perspective, every way, and you specifically requested that this time you get reminded that YOU built this reality. YOU chose this one. And you wanted to be reminded of it.

There's a game in this reality that people play called Dungeons and Dragons. In it, the Dungeon Master (DM) builds a story and the players build characters that can work into the story (sometimes very well-thought-out, intentioned, and hard-ruled characters, sometimes they build an alcoholic mosquito who only drinks from Catholic preachers after communion and solve crimes.) The point is that the DM can build any sort of reality they want, and the players can build any sort of character they want that can work itself (even loosely) into that reality. The DM controls the environment, the players control their characters. The characters can be as mundane or powerful as the DM sees fit, and the DM can make the environment and the non-player characters that interact with the players' characters as mundane or as powerful as the DM sees fit. The DM controls- you're the DM of this universe, is what you need to know. You're the DM and the player. You created this universe, and you're writing your own character, and you're playing in a grand game that you call life. Sometimes you get too powerful and write yourself off. Sometimes you write a character that's really underpowered just to see if you can make it. Sometimes you write a generic, boring character and you get angry because you wrote a generic, boring character. You write what you want, and you come back to the story because there are moments in this universe that you love. There are places in this universe that you want to put people in and explore and see what they think of it and see how they interact. and at any point, when you're up here, in control, you can rewind or fast-forward and take control and play from any standpoint, as any character, in any place.

Occasionally, you get bored. With nearly infinite opportunities, positions, characters, places, and stories, it's hard not to. There are some lifetimes when you don't want to remember that you're in control. There are some opportunities, like this one, where you give up control on purpose just to see if you can make it on your own as a specific character. When you get back you can choose another, and you can forget again, or you can keep the knowledge that you're in control. Most times nowadays, you choose to forget. Because each moment as someone brand new is breathtaking. If you've seen it before, the glory of the Grand Canyon gets old. The stars become dull. The brisk mountain air just becomes a nuisance. The story gets stale.

This time, though, from where you're experiencing this, every moment is brand new. This is your reminder that every opportunity you have this time around is a fresh start from your perspective. You set this reminder to tell yourself to appreciate the moments. Your current experience is amazing. When you get back you can change it up if you want. But for now, write your story the way you choose to. Be who you want to be. Or be anyone at all.


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