Saturday, September 06, 2008

Everyman has a story. Everyman tells it with the most he can, the most courage, the most shame, the most life. Everyman lives his story.

but Everyman wants to tell his differently. Everyman does. Everyman, however, all tell the same story. The most beautiful, most passionate, most brilliant, unorthodox, untried, untested, uncensored, undone story of all. The story, some say, that will be Everyman's destruction. Others say it will be Everyman's redmption.

I say it will be both. I say, Everyman is a hero waiting for the strike that will send him to the depths so he can climb back out again, and prove the world wrong. Prove the world "was not everything, I only came back for my hat." Prove the world "meant so much to me that I had to let it go for a while to see if it was really worth keeping." Prove to the world that "although life is pain, pain is life, and everybody's gonna die, it's gonna be alright." Cause life fails. Death wins. But then, "life finds a way." Life always finds a way.

and so this is the story of everyman. This is the part where people, just like Everyman, tell their story. This is the part where people have dreamed and schemed and planned and canned and hoped and coped and fallen, only to rise up again. Tell your story. Live your story. Love your story. Remember your story. That way, when you tell it to God, you'll not forget the details. You'll not forget the inspirations, he let-downs or the boredom. You'll not forget the love, the hate, or the uncaring. You'll not forget the just, the unjust, and the let-alone. Everyman, don't forget. Everyman won't forget.

Let Everyman tell his story. To God, to others, and to you. Listen to it. Learn from it. Live with it. and, if you have time, write in it.

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saved typing's far below, in order of last written. (far because I want everyman to write without distraction, but with his own story.)

"inspired by an idea of what the lead role's name of my sister's act means." -first recorded story.

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