Friday, August 12, 2011

Chase Whiteside — Read This, Not That: The Psychology of the UK Riots

Chase Whiteside — Read This, Not That: The Psychology of the UK Riots

Alex Hiller, a marketing and consumer expert at Nottingham Business School, points out that there is no conflict between anomie and consumption: "If you look at Baudrillard and other people writing in sociology about consumption, it's a falsification of social life. Adverts promote a fantasy land. Consumerism relies upon people feeling disconnected from the world."

This brings to light more evidence for my growing support of the Brian Jacques/Redwall theory of economics, i.e., socialism among tight-nit groups of people. Personally, I like the idea.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When did everyone become so subservient? How did creativity die? Where did all the originality go?
We think that just because we're spoonfed reality every now and then, we're always seeing the big picture.
This could not be further from the truth. We've become so used to simply getting our way, we let Corporations block the way with ads, sales, and collectible miniatures. Maybe it's always been this way, but increasingly it's taking a higher and higher intellect to realize that EVERYBODY IS BEING USED, SCREWED, AND GENERALLY TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. No good, people. We used to riot in the streets if government raised taxes, we used to tear down buildings and flip cars when the news reported our rights being violated. Now we bitch and complain in WoW forums, troll 4chan and cheer on groups like LoLSec and Anon, when they're increasing the problem, not helping the solution. Granted, I'm all for the freedom of information and healthcare for everybody, but socialism, as it is so often pointed out to me, DOES NOT WORK. Let me repeat myself.
NOT. (has not ever)
WORK. (somebody's going to be the lazy bum who mooches off of everyone else.)
Everybody, and I mean everybody, has their price. As Bill Waterson puts it, the most disturbing thing about this fact (and it is a fact,) is that the price is generally set too low. Far too low. Maybe if we got off of our butts every now and then to kick some ass, we'd be more inclined to be sure we were on A SIDE, let alone the right one. So many brainwashed, self-deluded asswipes thinking they know the answers to life are out there right now with more important problems then spreading the good ole' word. Their freedoms to do anything are being throttled. Their way of life is being limited. And these people are too close-minded and narrow-viewed to see what's going on.

We are in a crisis here, people. We're running out of fuel to continue our bloated, earth-killing traffic snarl-ups while green-hip soccer dads and moms preach pineapple recipes and recycling plastic as the way to push forward. How about a way out? How about we all focus on first stopping the wars by educating everybody in why religion is bullshit and ending the fundamental terrorist jihad-for-virgins/Christian Supremacy problem. How about we all become a little more kind to our elders, thus strengthening family bonds. (and maybe, just maybe... getting FRIENDS. Friends that are OLD. Ha, betcha never thought about that. It's POSSIBLE!) In the meantime we can get out of debt by not spending taxes (stop calling it tax-payers money. We don't pay taxes anymore. We are bled taxes. That's another thing to work on, though.) on the bureaucratic bullshit, pork-filled bills of bust.

Get a grip on reality, people. Geez.
Grab your flashlights and garden tools!

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